Recent Commentary

Medical science will benefit from the research of crowds
Sharing data will change the way medical science works and speed up the discovery of new cures
The Guardian – 15 January 2011

One HIV test, but two results
The realities of HIV depend on geography. We can’t treat our way out of this epidemic.
The Guardian – 22 February 2010

Let’s talk about sex
Parents and schools are both useless at teaching the facts of life. We must learn from Uganda
Prospect Magazine – 18th November 2009

America’s next step on HIV-Aids
The US is finally dropping its ban on HIV-positive visitors. Could federal funding for clean needle programmes follow?
The Guardian – 3 November 2009

A bad bill for sex workers
A lack of trafficking evidence highlights the flaws in a policing and crime bill that fails to distinguish between types of sex work
The Guardian – 21 October 2009

Remember Netscape, Bill?
Rich philanthropists have the power to fund risky, long-term projects. So why don’t they?
Prospect Magazine 21 October 2009

The Catholic church’s Lazarus complex over HIV-Aids
It saddens me that Rome is prepared to help the victims of its no-condom rule, but not the healthy from becoming infected
The Guardian – 8 October 2009

This is the worst kind of good news on Aids
The development of the vaccine could lead to dangerous complacency
The Times – 25 September 2009

HIV doesn’t always kill
I object to an advert that likens the virus to a mass murderer. And I’m sure taxpayers will agree
The Guardian – 9 September 2009

Sexual Politics
Sex workers have persuaded MPs not to criminalise their clients. It’s about time they had their say
Prospect Magazine – 4th July 2009 — Issue 160

The Pope looks ill educated or ill intentioned
Condoms alone won’t stop HIV but they don’t make it worse
The Times – 18 March 2009

The ecstasy and the agony
Ecstasy is much less dangerous than we thought, say scientists. But politicians are ignoring this
Prospect Magazine – 1 March 2009

Aids? There’s big money at stake
If the UN is serious about stopping HIV; then it must face up to some inconvenient facts
the Times – 16 June 2008

Spitzer’s true folly
A governor who pays for sex should know to mould social policies on reality, not morality
The Guardian – 13 March 2008

We can’t wait for equality
The focus on female empowerment has made us forget the key role of men in Aids prevention
The Guardian – 1 December 2007