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La sabiduria de las putas, stilo mejicano (14/11/10)

I’ve just spent an interesting couple of days at the Cuidad de las Ideas festival in Puebla in Mexico. I spoke of sex and drugs as usual; Puebla being one of the more conservative towns in this still overwhelmingly Catholic country, some were perhaps shocked by the directness of my language. But I was more […]

At last, there’s a cure for AIDS! (14/03/08)

Brideshead Revisited — the gay boy’s cut (20/02/08)

(Source: Youtube via Towleroad)

Red sports cars go global (30/01/08)

It’s official. Mid-life crisis is a global phenomenon, according to a a new study, reported in the Financial Times. It happens to men and women, rich and poor, married and unmarried. We love our 20s and 30s, get a bit grumpy in our mid-40s and then cheer up again by the time we’re 70 (if […]

Getting behind sex ed (15/01/08)

I have been greatly seduced by The MidWest Teen Sex Show. Its monthly podcasts aim to inform teenagers about the ins and outs of sex. Their audience must include thousands of teenagers who have been keep in Three Monkeys ignorance by the Bush administration’s “abstinence only” programmes — programmes which I note have been generously […]

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