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The World Bank bribes Tanzanians to stay HIV negative (26/04/08)

The World Bank and others plan to bribe young Tanzanians to stay HIV negative, according to Andrew Jack, writing in The Financial Times. We know blackmail can work pretty well in HIV prevention. When brothel-owners in Thailand were told their businesses would be shut down if they didn’t ensure clients used condoms, condom use shot […]

Intentionally spreading HIV: Britain clears up the confusion (18/03/08)

Some US States may be adding “sex offender” to the charge sheet of HIV-infected people having unprotected sex, but Britain is heading in the opposite direction. At least I think so. New guidance issued by the Crown Prosecution Service suggests that people can’t be convicted for one-off acts of risk or folly. The original law […]

American schoolgirls and Asian prostitutes: what’s the difference? (12/03/08)

One in four teenaged girls in the United States has a sexually transmitted infection, according to anew study from CDC. Only half of those girls are sexually active. Among those who have ever had sex, STI rates are 40%. We don’t know how that compares with past rates in the United States, because this kind […]

Don’t be a drip: the syphilis sex show (09/03/08)

The wonderful Mid-West Teen Sex Show this month gives us porn. We can all agree that staying at home with a glossy-then-sticky mag is a good way to avoid those nasty infections which you can get if you stay at home with sticky-then-drippy human beings. I hadn’t thought that the mid-West would have much to […]

Microbicides: the real disappointment is that women are human too (25/02/08)

Many of us were hugely disappointed when the Population Council announced last week that the microbicide they’d been testing in a huge trial in South Africa didn’t work. But buried in the trial results were some other shocking and hugely disappointing facts. Here’s the real shocker in my opinion: Only one woman in 10 used […]

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