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AIDS and global warming department: a green sex life (28/02/08)

OK, we know global warming is taking over from HIV as the development fashion of the day. But for those who haven’t quite made the switch, or who have one foot in each camp, here’s detailed advice on how to have greener sex. Looking at some of the advice, I wonder if they can’t see […]

Sex sells. But can it build? (27/02/08)

Anyone who has ever been on the metro in Paris knows that the French use sex to sell everything from dishwashers to floor cleaner. Now the league of students is using it in this (im)passioned plea to the government: Build more housing for students! Thanks to Unspun for throwing back the covers on this one.

Orgasm department: That old G-spot thing (25/02/08)

So Italian researchers have looked at just 20 women, and found the G-spot. This has excited comment in the UK, though not much elsewhere. The Guardian’s (rather good) weekly science podcast, wonders at the fact that women can have more than one type of orgasm. Or rather, two male commentators wonder. If they’d asked a […]

What’s in a kiss? (22/02/08)

Check out this lovely article on why we kiss from Scientific American. Just don’t think too hard about the relationship between kissing, chewing the cud and HIV.

Sex toys go green (18/02/08)

Ever heard me ranting about “kids-and-AIDS”, “security-and-AIDS”, “fisheries-and-AIDS” and adding despariningly that I’m just waiting for “global-warming-and-AIDS”? Well it’s here. Or at least “global-warming-and-safe-sex” is. Pictured left, the Eco-sexy kit, which will set you back just US$59. For more variety (and some truly artistic hand-blown glass work), check out these eco-friendly sex toys from Babeland. […]

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