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Significant progress in HIV prevention (10/02/09)

Halleluliah! We’ve finally got something to be happy about in HIV prevention — a microbicide that cuts the risk of HIV infection by a third. You’d think everyone would be shouting for joy. But no, we’re bending over backwards to say we’re not sure it works. The product in question is Pro2000 gel, and the […]

Prepped for PrEP: are we ahead of ourselves? (24/11/08)

When I’m asked: What’s the next big thing in HIV prevention? I usually put Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis somewhere high on the list. We don’t yet know if giving out expensive drugs so that people can have unprotected sex without worrying about HIV will work. But I usually ask people to imagine the headlines in The Daily […]

To inform or to (over)protect? The Swiss have chosen well (05/02/08)

I’ve been taken to task for not weighing in on the kerfuffle about whether people on ARVs can pass on HIV. In case you haven’t been following the debate, the Swiss AIDS Commission has reviewed studies of couples where one partner has HIV and the other doesn’t, and has looked at HIV transmission with and […]

And another thing from those sensible Swiss (05/02/08)

Buried in the controversial Swiss report on HIV treatment and transmission of the virus is a nugget about initiating treatment. (French report here, unofficial English translation here) They say that antiretrovirals should only be given when it is medically indicated, and not to prevent the onward transmission of HIV in discordant couples. Two reasons: in […]

A viagra, half an E, some ARVs: the new party pack? (23/01/08)

So if you give antiretrovirals to humanised mice (don’t ask) and then slosh their vaginas full of HIV, they don’t get infected, according to a new study from Paul Denton and colleagues at the University of Texas. None of the five mice treated with a combination of emtricitabine and tenofovir got infected, whereas 7 out […]

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