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UK tightens sexims laws: no more bastards (05/04/08)

As of today, UK companies can no longer use the “bastard defence” against claims of sexist abuse. The bastard defence rests on the claim that you’re not being sexist if you call a female colleague a silly cunt, because you’re just as likely to call a male colleague a stupid bastard. This “we’re just as […]

Should scientists bend over and take it? (25/01/08)

In an earlier post, I worried that we were repeating the mistakes of the AIDS epidemic by allowing political correctness to stand in the way of the facts. At issue is a study of MRSA, which indicated that a nasty, drug-resistant form of the bug was spreading among gay men, possibly through sexual contact. You […]

“Gay plague” hysteria: has AIDS taught us nothing? (21/01/08)

Last week, Annals of Internal Medicine published an important paper on drug-resistant MRSA, a bug often spread in hospitals but in this case circulating in the population. Binh An Diep and colleagues report that gay men are 13 times more likely to have this strain of MRSA than other people. MRSA can manifest itself in […]

Huckabee was right (for the wrong reasons) (10/12/07)

US Presidential candidate Mike Huckabee is refusing to suck back comments made in 1992 about isolating people with HIV, according to an AP report reprinted in the IHT. Web sites are buzzing with outrage: Huckabee wants to quarantine people with HIV. Shame! Despite his own, rather incompetent efforts to defend himself from that assertion on […]

LGBT: answers on a postcard please (10/12/07)

Commenting on Bullshit Bingo, Media Whore wonders what “LGBT” stands for. MW’s opening bid: Less Go Bed Togevver. Any better offers out there? As a hint, let me reproduce this gem from a recent UNAIDS publication on Men Who Have Sex With Men”: (pdf file, 703 kb) “While we use the term ‘men who have […]

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