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Fruit bats go down to keep it up (17/11/09)

I’ve always been curious to know what a random investigator would make of my in-box. Lots of people find theirs clogged with offers of penis extensions and tireless nights of love; I have the added joy of getting soft-peddalled syphilis diagnostic kits. I also get alerted when medical journals publish papers on a variety of […]

Does oral sex protect against HIV? Suck it and see (03/02/09)

Public health types are always agonising about oral sex. Should we say it’s dangerous or not? Now, Swedish researchers have shown that lots of oral sex with an HIV-infected partner may actually be protective against the virus. The study, published in the (expensive, subscription only) AIDS journal and helpfully summarised by Aidsmap suggests that men […]

Off topic: don’t e-mail when you’ve had too much rosé (24/07/08)

Can I get away with posting this e-mail from restaurant reviewer Giles Coren to the Times on the grounds that it has a blow job in it? Or that its author is a wanker (of which more tomorrow)? Read. Enjoy. Remember never to e-mail your colleagues when you’ve had a few. Even if they have […]