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“We know it works” department: Boston Globe supports clean needles (13/02/08)

Yet another sensible voice raised against the ban on federal funding of needle exchange programmes. The Boston Globe editorial even includes the mandatory “We know it works” quote. What it doesn’t mention is that an end to the ban within the US would probably have a very important knock-on effect internationally, because it would open […]

Same old same old: Bush tries to close down DC needle exchange funding (08/02/08)

The capital of the United States has HIV rates higher than those of Congo and Ethiopia. A lot of those infections are among drug injectors. Many in the city were hugely relieved when a ban on funding for needle exchange programmes in DC was effectively dropped just a couple of weeks ago. The city’s mayor […]

Needling the White House (21/12/07)

So Congress has finally passed the US$ 556 billion budget bill (Reuters). It now goes to George Bush to be signed. As John McManus and others note, the bill is laden with pork. McManus is rightly infuriated by how keen most Congressmen are to bring home the pork, in other words, to bundle spending on […]

The AIDS Capital (16/11/07)

One in 30 adults in Washington DC is infected with HIV, and that’s just the people we know about. That puts the capital of the United States on a par with Congo, Ethiopia and Angola. Why these scandalously high rates, over 9 times the national average? The report (pdf file, 139 pages) from the Washington […]

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