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A good year for Whores, say the BBC and I (03/02/14)

Last week I found myself at the House of Lords in London, discussing what the BBC World Service means to the world. The World Service stands for accuracy in reporting, a lot of very clever people said, it represents fairness and impartiality, it tells it like it is. So I was thrilled to see that […]

Health nerds march on Washington (02/11/10)

My parents were among the 200,000 people who gathered in Washington DC at the weekend in the Rally to Restore Sanity. Best banner of the march? This gets my vote: Thanks to AW for supporting the cause.

Men who have sex with me: typo of the week (15/10/10)

While I try to find time to do justice to the looming decriminalisation of sex work in Canada, I offer this wonderful correction to a blog post about the hideous HIV rates among gay men in the states. Apparently, I’m not the only gay man trapped in a straight woman’s body. Thanks to RH for […]

Sticking it to crap research (23/08/10)

Because I run a course to help mid-career scientists get their papers published in peer-reviewed journals, I’m always on the look-out for really good papers, and for really bad ones. I also keep my eyes open for bad science reporting. It’s depressingly easy to find the latter, but it just got easier. Tom Scott has […]

Getting your Dx in a twist (04/02/10)

Remember the fabulous singing Nobel prize winner? Now PCR ads are getting sexy again. Though I do have to wonder how may pints the founders of TwistDx had had when they registered their company name. Try saying it out loud even before a pint… Thanks to Seif, who has yet to take me shoe shopping…

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