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A kiss is just a kiss, except in Bollywood (08/12/09)

At breakfast in Bangalore this morning, I was greeted by news of Bollywood’s first on-screen gay kiss. When they’re puckerd up like this, wouldn’t you want to? But the Indian censors may not share my enthusiasm. I am Omar will be screening at the Rotterdam film festival. Check it out and see if the kiss […]

My old employers on an old profession (08/05/09)

In belated recognition of May Day, I give you these sensible words from sex workers in India, courtesy of my once-long-ago employers, Reuters. Funnily enough, one of the very first stories I ever wrote for Reuters was about sex workers in a time of economic meltdown. It was also the first to draw a response […]

Cheap travel for mountaineers and HIV-positives in India (27/03/08)

India’s sprawling railway network will from next week allow HIV-infected people to travel half-price, the Economic Times reports. Since it’s India, there’s red tape to go with the red ribbons — the discount is only for second class travel to and from approved HIV treatment centres and people “have to produce (a) certificate in prescribed […]

Ringing the changes (08/12/07)

Sales of the England football supporters condoms linked to in the previous post may have drooped along with the team’s performance, but there’s no shortage of other specialist condoms to keep the spirits up. Earlier this year, a virbrating condom sent waves through the Indian market. The Crezendo condom vibrates through a battery operated ring […]

A less stubborn India “saves” nearly 3 million from HIV (06/12/07)

In an eminently sensible commentary in this week’s Lancet (Drop of HIV estimate for India to less than half — access may require painless free registration), Lalit and Rakhi Dandona explain how India managed to overestimate the number of people living with HIV by over 100%, adding a cool 2.7 million notional HIV infections to […]