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What’s wrong with Indonesian penises? (05/03/12)

[Note: I’m still on sabbatical. But even on sabbatical, one sometimes thinks about sex… For reflections on democracy, corruption and other dirty subjects, see my other blog, from which this is a cross-post.] Reading the newspapers in cities across Papua, Indonesia’s easternmost province, I cannot help but notice the full-colour ads for penis extensions. In […]

Music in the blood; it’s going viral (06/10/10)

Though I don’t have a musical bone in my body, I’ve been thinking recently about how to code statistical data about people into melodies. Now I find that there’s a whole industry out there of people who are turning DNA into music. If you know anything about your own DNA, you can plug your genes […]

Men are pigs, women are angels. Not. (17/02/10)

As promised, data on women, autonomy, partnerships and HIV. It’s quite true that I have not developed some magic indicator of “autonomy”. But the World Economic Forum has. Or at least its Gender Equality Index (Edit – 25 March 2018, link broken. Try this) is as close as damnit. Let’s take the sub-Saharan African countries […]

Microbicides don’t work. Now what? (14/12/09)

Not wanting to be always the purveyor of bad news, I was looking forward to today’s results from the Pro2000 microbicide studies. After hopeful results in an earlier trial, I’d convinced myself the gel would prevent HIV.

Drug Warriors: blind or just innumerate? (08/11/09)

As promised, a note on the UK’s latest data on HIV among drug injectors. Some of the US’s battalions of Drug Warriors have been crowing that the new figures show a rise in infection rates among junkies in the UK: clear evidence that the nation’s policy of making sterile needles and injecting equipment available to […]

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