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Indonesia’s health minister shocked by her own failure (23/11/12)

The always provocative Unspun asks how it is that Indonesia’s minister of health is shocked at the country’s HIV prevention failure. It’s a good question, most especially since before becoming minister of health just a few months ago, Nafsiah Mboi spent six years at the helm of the National AIDS Commission. The failure was highlighted […]

Drug Warriors: blind or just innumerate? (08/11/09)

As promised, a note on the UK’s latest data on HIV among drug injectors. Some of the US’s battalions of Drug Warriors have been crowing that the new figures show a rise in infection rates among junkies in the UK: clear evidence that the nation’s policy of making sterile needles and injecting equipment available to […]

HIV surveillance, US style: don’t try this at home (14/04/09)

For a world-renowned centre of epidemiological excellence, the US CDC can do some pretty shonky work. This week, the second week of April, 2009, they have finally published some results from surveillance among drug injectors carried out more than three years ago. And the analysis is so simplistic that it tells us virtually nothing about […]

AIDS in America: More is less? (10/08/08)

What’s going on with AIDS in the US? I’ve finally had time to comb through CDC’s estimates of new HIV infections in the US, and I’m frankly little the wiser. Last week the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) suddenly declared that around 55,000 Americans are getting infected with HIV each year (the estimate […]

Ireland’s new imports: drugs and HIV (03/03/08)

Since the mid 19th century, Ireland’s biggest exports have been brains and brawn. When the Celtic Tiger began roaring in the 1990s, the brain drain was reversed: the economic boom has sucked in people from all over the world. With them have come better food, an infusion of new music, decent plumbers and HIV. Ireland’s

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