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Teenage girls take on a killer (06/12/07)

Great excitement in New York, where girls wiped the board in the Siemens Competition in Math, Science and Technology, which a New York Times article describes as “one of [America’s] most coveted student science awards”. It’s no great surprise to me that girls are doing better than boys in science and maths. Indeed I heard […]

Talking of penises (01/12/07)

While I was at the gender meeting in Nairobi mentioned in the article, some friends and I played “Bullshit Bingo” a game that passes the time in jargon-filled UN meetings. Here is my (not quite completed) bingo card. I wrote my own destruction into the bottom right hand corner. In a three day meeting about […]

What’s wrong with penises? (01/12/07)

This morning, The Guardian newspaper published a commentary (We can’t wait for equality) that I had written about the role of the sexes (or the genders, if you’re coming over all PC) in the HIV epidemic. My point was that in most of the world, HIV is a man’s disease. The original version (and the […]

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