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Zapatero y Felipe: enhorabuena! (20/03/08)

I’ve been slow to congratulate Jose Luis Zapatero on his success in Spain’s elections earlier this month. Zapatero has been a fierce defender of gay rights in the face of back-door action by the opposition to roll back gay marriage. For the Spanish speakers among you, this video reveals why. Thanks to Texma for forwarding. […]

Rebel mayor supports gays in Madrid (16/02/08)

Spanish gay-bashing update: Hundreds of Spaniards protested outside the headquarters of the country’s (un)Popular Party today, demanding that the party leader Mariano Rajoy retract his opposition to adoption rights for gay couples. True to form, the Mayor of Madrd Alberto Ruiz-Gallardón stuck two fingers up at the PP, of which he’s a nominal member, and […]

Spain’s (un)Popular Party wants to roll back gay marriage (10/02/08)

Spain’s gay community is up in arms. The right-wing Popular Party chief, Mariano Rajoy, told 20 Minutos newspaper that he would try to revoke the rights of gays to marry and adopt kids if his party wins national elections on March 9. The story made the front page of some of the popular Sundays. Gays […]

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