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Po-faced presentations don’t change thinking (22/04/16)

I’ve just emerged from three days buried in a bunker at the Geneva Health Forum, which focuses on health in lower income countries. There was a great cartoonist, but otherwise it was all quite po-faced: power-point presentations, incomprehensible posters and much thanking of sponsors. LOTS of rather earnest, mostly white people suffered from the Public […]

Data sharing: soon to be yesterday’s news? (13/08/10)

The New York Times is a bit of a supertanker; it takes a while to get going on a subject. So by the time they run a drum-rolling front page story about some world-changing trend, you can be pretty sure that the trend is close to becoming the new status quo. I’m hoping that’s true […]

Outing the nerd: let’s share data (11/06/10)

I have a confession. Behind all the sex and drugs talk, I’m just a giant data nerd. I believe that health research data collected with taxpayers’ money should be used to improve lives, not just to improve the career of a couple of scientists who got the research grant. And we’d improve lives faster if […]