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Pope approves of male hookers (22/11/10)

So our old friend Pope Benedict has come round to the idea that there are times when wrapping one´s penis in latex will not consign one to eternal damnation. According to the New York Times, he cited just one instance when it might be ok to use a condom. Benedict said condoms were not “a […]

Credit crunch, credit cards and condoms (07/06/09)

Few companies are posting rising profits in these hard times. But hard times are what SSL, maker of Durex condoms and other good-sex products, like best. As more people stay at home use of sex toys, the warming Play O orgasm gloop and condoms have all risen, driving pre-tax profits up by almost a third […]

Is the Pope a Catholic? He’s certainly not a scientist… (18/03/09)

I, like many who’ve written to me, am speechless with rage at the Pope’s first direct pronoucement on condoms. (Well, not quite speechless. I had a little vent about it in today’s Times.) To oppose condoms on dogmatic grounds is one thing. That’s the Pope’s job, if he considers it his job to defend Catholic […]

Squeaky clean humour (19/01/09)

Thanks to David

Singaporeans on sex: clueless or innumerate? (18/10/08)

A new survey indicates that young Singaporeans are pretty clueless about HIV prevention. Or perhaps it indicates that Singaporeans can’t count. According to The Straits Times, the state’s Health Promotion Board asked close to 1,800 Singaporeans how HIV could be prevented. Apparently, almost half of them didn’t know that consistent condom use prevents HIV infection. […]

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