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Beating it up and dumbing it down (18/06/09)

For a larger version, visit Jorge Cham at PhD comics. It’s worth it. Especially if you are killing time not finishing your thesis (Sara…) This comic came to me by way of Laura (thanks) and Language Log, where the true nerds among you can go for an illuminating discussion of the difference between ρ and […]

Passion and chocolate in the national health service (02/06/08)

Britain’s National Health Service is getting passionate about chocolate, erections and good science. The NHS website has a fantastic new(ish) section called “Behind The Headlines”, a rapid-response force for some of the nonsense that passes for “science” in the newspapers every day. In the last couple of weeks the site has picked up studies that […]

Science in Congress: is there any? (13/04/08)

Policies on AIDS, recreational drugs and a warming world are struggling their way through Congress at the moment; they always seem to emerge slimmer on the science once they’ve made it through the endless committees, discussions and debates. If you’re in the New York area, you might pick up some tips on why from this […]

Should professors be human, too? (21/03/08)

Professors are baring their souls and tastes on line, Stephanie Rosenblum of The New York Times reports with some incredulity. She rightly questions whether sharing your taste in music and your cat snaps with students really makes you a better teacher. “Sam Gosling, a psychologist and an associate professor at the University of Texas at […]

Nerd alert: Why humans take no notice of scientists (27/02/08)


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