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Largely in New York: new HIV is young, black and gay (01/09/08)

New York likes to think of itself as ahead of the rest of the US on many fronts. It certainly is on the HIV front. In most of the world, we’ve got precious little idea how many people get infected with HIV each year. Generally, we report HIV prevalence — the number of people who […]

AIDS in America: More is less? (10/08/08)

What’s going on with AIDS in the US? I’ve finally had time to comb through CDC’s estimates of new HIV infections in the US, and I’m frankly little the wiser. Last week the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) suddenly declared that around 55,000 Americans are getting infected with HIV each year (the estimate […]

The White House vs Science: what’s a girl to do? (31/01/08)

Salon’s Sheila Kaplan, Newshoggers and Michael Clark bring to our attention the latest salvo in the Bush administration’s war on science — this time, it was suppressing information about possible toxicity of trailers used to house victims of Hurricane Katrina because of formaldehyde, though it might just as well be the safety of condoms (which […]

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