This page contains links to any data and other material referred to in the footnotes of The Wisdom of Whores, i.e. the notes that appear at the bottom of a page of text. They are organised by chapter. Page references refer to the Granta and Norton hardback editions of the book.

For endnotes (the numbers that refer to the notes at the back of the book) please go to the reference page. You can also Go straight to the full Bibliography)

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Preface: The Accidental Epidemiologist
Page 6: Original CDC statement on the history of the Surgeon General’s report on Smoking. And therevised CDC statement on the history of the Surgeon General’s report on Smoking. Glantz, S. A., John Slade, Lisa A. Bero, et al., Eds. (1996). The Cigarette Papers. Berkeley, University of California Press.

Chapter 1: Cooking Up an Epidemic
Page 16: The MSM language nonsense (pdf report).
Page 26: The map that turned Asia Red

Chapter 2: Landscapes of Desire
Page 57: Here’s how we presented HIV prevalence to the waria community. And here’s how we presented condom use.
Page 68: More on Hong Kong hostess bars.
Page 74: The Far Eastern Economic Review article.
Page 78. Heroin prices courtesy of UNODC (pdf report).
Page 81: This report is too large to upload. I’m looking for a solution.
Page 83: Everyone has sex with everyone else: a Venn diagram of intersecting risk (jpg. file) using data from Pakistan. (pdf paper)

Chapter 3: The Honesty Box
Page 87: Meet Ines in this spoof promo video she helped me make.
Page 89: The film, Banyu Biru, can be seen online here, I think.
Page 97: The Monitoring and Evaluation cookbook.
Page 99: The Whole Boy

Chapter 4: The Naked Truth
Page 129: Civic, D. and D. Wilson (1996). . Sandala, L., P. Lurie, M. R. Sunkutu, et al. (1995) Halperin, D. T. (1999)
Page 147. The link given in the book is broken but here’s the Washington Post article about Zimbabwe.
Page 150. The link given in the book is broken but here’s the report on technical specifications for condoms.

Chapter 5: Sacred Cows
Page 177: The data come from analyses done in preparation for Report of the Commission of AIDS in Asia (pdf, 1.6MB).

Chapter 6: Articles of Faith
Page 190. 101 fun things to do (besides sex). In case the link breaks, find your fun here.
Page 199. The rude letterfrom Souder to Sangram (pdf) .
Page 206. PEPFAR statement on the impossibility of using condoms without knowing one’s HIV status (pdf). The UNAIDS statement.
Page 210: All references in the bibliography.
Page 221: July 2007 guidance on the anti-prostitution oath. (pdf)

Chapter 7: HIV Shoots Up
Page 229. The classic “Brain on Drugs” campaign on Youtube. The poster of your brain on drugs with bacon.
Page 238: Brugal et al. 2005
Page 255. A copy of the “Dear Bobby” letter. (pdf)
Page 259: Condom dresses and more condom fashion.
Page 257: The Traditional Values Coalition helps you with Causes of Homosexuality (also here).
Page 264. Pisani et al. 2003 (pdf)

Chapter 8: Ants in the Sugar-Bowl
Page 270: HIV in fisheries (pdf).
Page 285: Statistics on tied aid (pdf).
Page 298: The Jakarta Post story about the suspension of Global Fund money to Indonesia.

Chapter 9: Full Circle
Page 320: The Titanic report is here. The Mid-Long Term Plan is here (pdf).
Page 323: Lu Fan et al. (pdf).