Articles by Elizabeth

Sexual politics
Sex workers have persuaded MPs not to criminalise their clients. It’s about time they had their say. (The Prospect, July 2009)

No laughing matter
In my day job as an epidemiologist I collect blood and urine from people, ask them questions about their sex lives and assure them that they’re contributing to the greater good of science. But I’ve just been put through the procedure myself for the first time. And I didn’t like it one bit. (The Prospect, April 2009)

The ecstasy and the agony
Ecstasy is much less dangerous than we thought, say scientists. But politicians are ignoring this. (The Prospect, March 2009)

The plague is over, let’s party
An HIV diagnosis in Britain is no longer a death sentence—thanks to costly new drugs. But as the spectre of death fades, so do the most visible reasons to avoid risky behaviour. Now the Aids prevention industry has a whole new set of problems (The Prospect, June 2008)

Spitzer’s True Folly
This commentary in The Guardian newspaper argues that the New York governor should have set an example by basing public policy on reality rather than on morality. (March 2008)

We can’t wait for equality
Also from The Guardian, this piece doubts that HIV will be conquered by focusing on the empowerment of women. We don’t need to change the world to change the HIV epidemic. (December 2007)