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New York’s Brave New ad targets HIV complacency (13/12/10)

Clearly someone in the New York City health department believes that HIV sucks, even in a post-AIDS world. Here’s their brave new ad, targeted at the gay men among whom the majority of new infections in the city occur in this age of treatment. Pity about the Hollywood trailer soundtrack. Predictably, most of the comments […]

Data are sexy: great use of statistics (01/02/10)

Who would have thought that showing your tits became a better strategy for pulling partners the older you get? Since I’ve never tried e-dating, it has never occured to me that it’s a spectacular source of data for epi-nerds interested in sexual networking. My eyes have been opened by OKCupid, whose data nerds have publish […]

Unnecessary “sex”, in a truck (12/01/10)

These gems from the delightful “blog” of “unecessary” quotation marks need no comment. Though the comments on “this post” are quite fun. And from my best side: Thanks to dkj for driving me to them.

Hot sex in Copenhagen (07/12/09)

What’s unsustainable about paying fo sex? I guess it depends on what your budget is, and how randy you are. As Copenhagen turns its thoughts green, its mayor Ritt Bjerregaard sent postcards to Copenhagen hotels urging climate conference delegates to: ‘Be sustainable – don’t buy sex’. In response, the city’s sex workers are offering free […]

Fruit bats go down to keep it up (17/11/09)

I’ve always been curious to know what a random investigator would make of my in-box. Lots of people find theirs clogged with offers of penis extensions and tireless nights of love; I have the added joy of getting soft-peddalled syphilis diagnostic kits. I also get alerted when medical journals publish papers on a variety of […]

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