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Random thoughts on data from Dilbert (14/05/08)

This evening, I’m speaking at London’s Southbank Centre about how to communicate uncertainties in data to a non-scientific audience. And what pops into my in box but this, from Scott Adams (via Tim Brown)?

Will Self, Prince Harry and genital warts (29/04/08)

The first review of The Wisdom of Whores hit the newsstands yesterday, in London’s Evening Standard. I was honoured that fab World of Boy novelist Will Self read the book, and thrilled that he reviewed it with his penis. (Well, he reviewed it with his brain. But he reviewed it together with his penis, which […]

The beauty of viruses (13/04/08)

Viruses can shut down immune systems and computer systems. They cost lives and money. But they can be works of great beauty. The HIV virus, bulbous and all hung about with stubby projections, is a bit of an exception. But look at “MyDoom”, a computer virus that’s been around since 2003. Alex Dragulescu of MIT […]

When you need to know who Daddy is department (31/03/08)

A while back, I posted a link to BioRad’s unlikely but delightful PCR test anthem, “When you need to know who Daddy is”. Those tests are strictly for lab nerds. More recently, though, supermarkets have started stocking do it yourself paternity tests. It wasn’t ever going to be long before enthusiastic you-tubers had a go […]

Burma goes AEDS free (29/02/08)

My gorgeous Goddaughter Poppy and her family live in Kachin state in the north of Burma, close to the Chinese border. The capital of Kachin, Myitkyina, sticks in my mind as the place with the highest HIV prevalence I’ve ever seen in routine surveillance data: over 80% in drug injectors throughout most of the 1990s. […]

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