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Ninuk Pambudy in Kompas “…Addicted to Indonesia…but she doesn’t look like a nerd” (in Indonesian)
Prodita Sabarini in The Jakarta Post “…Elizabeth Pisani: A raging dinosaur”
Tan Hui Yee in The Straits Times – Singapore (subscription required) “…as unflinchingly honest in real life as she is in the book.” (Reprinted in a LiveJournal post here)
Donal Lynch in the Irish Independent “…she looks more like Juliette Binoche with a movie to promote than an epidemiologist with some harsh home truths”.
Matthew Reisz in Times Higher Education “Pisani is a born maverick, but she raises ethical and professional issues that are equally relevant to academics studying topics such as climate change.”
Decca Aitkenhead profiles Elizabeth in the Guardian “People do stupid things – that’s what spreads HIV”
David Silverberg in Digital Mishandling the AIDS Crisis and Why Prevention Should Work With Treatment
Elizabeth chats to the Irish Times’s Rosita Boland On reflection the lobby of a stuffy politicians’ hotel just outside the Dail, Ireland’s parliament, wasn’t the best setting for a discussion about the ins and outs of anal sex.
Peter Murphy in Hot Press (Ireland) “Get Laid, Not AIDS” (subscription required)
Tyee Books, Canada “You expect politicians to be plonkers,” says Elizabeth. “But what about us?”
Greg Beneteau in Toronto’s Gay paper, Xtra “”Everyone takes risks,” Elizabeth says. “It’s part of the human condition, thank God; how boring would life be if it weren’t?”
Doris Gomora in Mexico’s El Universal “prostitutas, drogadictos y homosexuales no votan mucho” (To see the front page story, click here(pdf). Or read the full story.
Tom Paulson in the Seattle Post-Intelligencer “She employs data to back up her provocative claim that governments, relief organizations and even AIDS activists have sold us a bill of goods when they claim this is a disease that puts everyone at risk.”
Richard Marcus interviews Elizabeth for Blogcritics “You can torture numbers to say what you like easily enough, but it doesn’t change the reality of the situation”
Sandip Roy at New American Media “Treatment’s a great thing, but if people are on treatment, they live longer, and it increases the absolute number of people who have HIV. That’s not a controversial statement. That’s arithmetic!”
AFP, on the eve of the AIDS Conference “Scare-mongering and political correctness have wasted resources…”
Charlie Smith in (Vancouver) “Pisani, an iconoclastic pixy with a PhD…”
Interview with Em & Lo …it’s got a great cast of characters: transgender sex workers, nuns in brothels, crazy Christian right-wingers… And Elizabeth gives a great interview, so read it! (The interview and the book.)”
The Times (UK) “If the UN is serious about stopping HIV; then it must face up to some inconvenient facts” Elizabeth’s article for the Times, June 16, 2008
‘Aids heeft niets met armoede en genderongelijkheid te maken’ Dutch site “One World” interviews Elizabeth. Text is in Dutch. And BabelFish is your friend.
National Post (Canada) Outspoken author … wants to set story straight on HIV
Leonard Jacobs in Metromix (NYC) finds Elizabeth “sassy”, and say she has “an unconventional way to talk about a deadly disease”
The Economist – Getting the Message
The Lancet has lunch with Elizabeth
Vicky Allen in the Sunday Herald (Scotland)
Mother Jones quotes Elizabeth on Bush’s AIDS policy in Africa “It scares people off even taking sex workers on…”
Bhimanto Suwastoyo in the Jakarta Post “No Holds Barred”

Review Asia sex issue cover

ReviewAsia, Feburary 2008

Hong Kong based lifestyle magazine Review Asia flagged an article about The Wisdom of Whores on the front cover of its February 2008 edition. The four-page spread included an essay by Elizabeth, as well as extracts from the book.

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