Fit guys are less floppy: no shit, Sherlock department

Do we really need research to demonstrate the blindingly obvious? Yes, if you believe that people who call the political shots will change their mind on the basis of a published study (something about which I am skeptical) So here we have it: research published in the International Journal of Impotence Research shows that guys over 40 are less likely to have droopy dicks if they are fit. I’d say that’s no surprise to the many millions who use the work “fit” as polite bar-room slang for “fuckable”.

As a result of this groundbreaking research, we can put numbers on things that even the smallest amount of participatory research might have taught us: guys who are flabby are over four times more likely to droop than those who are fit. What’s interesting to me about this research is the conclusion: “This study reinforces the concept that healthy habits have a direct effect on erectile function.” No mention, at least in the abstract, of the organ that affects sexual performance more than any other: the brain. If you’re flabby you’re more likely to feel generally droopy about yourself, less likely to be in a position where your erectile function even gets put to the test, and more likely to be anxious about it when you do get the chance to perform.

Here’s another research question: what’s the likelihood that research such as this will have people trading in their blue pills for gym passes? Or that the public health industry will ever change its incentive structure so that people stop getting rewarded for publishing “so what?” papers?

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This post was published on 18/06/11 in Science.

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  1. Comment by Muscleguy, 18/06/11, 07:55:

    Hmm, as a fit (as in cardio-vascularly only) guy how do I know if I am harder than the next guy? After all it’s the sort of thing you only think about when you have a problem, by which time it is, obviously not your only problem. My problem is some lingering non specific virus I can’t get rid of so I can continue the keeping fit thing, but that is only temporary. Besides the day I go for a run in order to achieve wood is the day you can either shoot me or have me sectioned. I do it because it makes me feel good and I enjoy it. The effects are side effects, even if they are welcome.

  2. Comment by Matt, 20/06/11, 01:09:

    It’s possible that the data were not only collected for the purposes of this analysis though isn’t it? For instance in the context of trying to estimate prevalence?

  3. Comment by Paddy, 29/06/11, 10:44:

    Hardly surprising; we already knew that cardiovascular fitness affected this by the fact that smokers are also more likely to be floppy.

    However, even if such knowledge as this might ever have affected behaviour, I predict no perceptible impact since people can simply pop a pill for problems with potency.

  4. Comment by Paddy, 29/06/11, 10:45:

    (Should have said “no perceptible impact in the present”…)

  5. Comment by Miami doc, 07/07/11, 11:52:

    Just read this, this morning: http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/health-14026830 and thought about your post (above). May be the link between female infertility and periodontal disease is fuckability. …just saying.

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