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A couple of weeks ago I was talking condoms with the good folks at DKT, an inspiring company that sells condoms and contraceptives, and has fun doing it. There are many things I like about DKT. Not content to suck at the nipple of the tax payer, they actually make money selling products people want in many markets. They use that cash to subsidise programmes in other countries, where both generating and meeting the need for condoms and other contraceptives is a harder (and more expensive) sell.

One of DKT’s most successful markets is Brazil, not least because they give away a year’s supply of Prudence condoms to scads of voluntary testers, who twitter and twatter about flavours, shapes, sizes and the rest. They’re not above bonking us over the head with guerilla home videos, either. This one, I think is self explanatory.

“With a year’s supply of free condoms, any place is the right place.” Indeed. Though I could wish I spent more time in the right any place…

Other things I like about DKT: although they work in 16 countries, shift over half a billion condoms and some 75 million other contraceptives a year, they have a head-office staff of just four people, all, I’m guessing, with a sense of humour. Their penchant for fun and puns goes back a while; I’ve hung on for 15 years to a T-shirt promoting their Trust condom brand in Vietnam. It was a time when the Vietnamese currency, the Dong, was suffering a bit, and the government was running a campaign to restore our trust in it. DKT Vietnam turned the government’s “Put your trust in the dong” slogan on its head. Allow me to demonstrate:

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