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This post was published on 26/04/11 in Pisani's picks.

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  2. Comment by Mary Motta, 26/04/11, 02:37:

    For shame on Reuters. Gallows humor is indeed, a stress buster necessary to get through war zones, death camps and some such.

    And this was posted on an “internal” chat room?!!! This is “political correctness” out of control.

    More crass humor, less suits at Reuters! Disgusting!

  3. Comment by bilbaoboy, 26/04/11, 03:29:

    The sign of our times. A micro-slip in the ‘correct’ standards and even if you are a world beater, you are stuffed.

    And to the self-righteous prigs who approve of his sacking, I ask: Have you never…? Really,never???

    Assuming that something like that defines the person requires an arrogance that I am not prepared to accept.

    You are making a worse world.

    And never let me catch you telling a joke, ‘cos some minority will be suffering and you will be cast out into the wilderness…

  4. Comment by DWD, 26/04/11, 05:13:

    I guess (unfortunately)that it shouldn’t be surprising based on past action: http://www.theatlanticwire.com/business/2011/04/reuters-journalists-fired-disciplined-remarks/36835/.

  5. Comment by Donald Baxter, Iowa City, IA, 26/04/11, 08:10:

    I feel your pain. We live in a world that’s overly careful with the unimportant and yet lets the critical slip by without so much of a notice.

  6. Comment by Neels Ferreira, 27/04/11, 02:44:

    I think it’s disgusting that a company like reuters would go to this extent with someone of Davids calibre. They should be utterly ashamed of themselves. I sincerely hope that common sense prevails and David gets a fair ruling.

  7. Comment by Muscleguy, 27/04/11, 04:06:

    I agree that it stinks to high heaven and is indicative of a company that has stopped valuing it’s core assets (talented, hard working staff).

    Also for the record I like to make love to a woman, not feel like I’m screwing a prepubescent girl. I would hate to think a woman was having a Brazilian for me.

  8. Comment by cerissa nyen, 27/04/11, 05:18:

    i’m a proud defender of bush too

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  10. Comment by Ironya Sudby, 28/04/11, 10:25:

    Along time coming.Reuters lost its heart and soul a long time before Glocer sold out to Thomson so he could buy a fourth luxury cottage.

  11. Comment by Tom Hyland, 29/04/11, 12:58:

    Sometimes you come across an incident which provides final and conclusive proof that the world has gone absolutely stark raving mad.
    David’s sacking is such an incident.
    Experience, courage, loyalty and ability count for nothing when insipid, prissy and gutless managerial eunuchs find reason to take offence.
    Fuck the lot of them.

  12. Comment by Selma Kalousek Fisher, 30/04/11, 02:12:

    Ms.Pisani claims to have “let the cat out of the bag” re her ex-husband’s supposedly inappropriate comments. I still am trying to understand what it is he actually said. Can someone please publish the actual words? I understand that they were said in a private chat room, in as much as anything can be deemed private in an online chat room. Since he was fired over them, they can hardly be deemed as private anymore. Until I can read exactly what it is that Mr.Fox said, he is guilty by omission. Unlike what Ms.Pisani says, there are many of us who do not shy away from sex, either in word or in action. However, as one of a legion of women who’ve had to suffer insulting, vulgar and sexist comments from male colleagues over the years, I am not ready to excuse Mr.Fox on the basis that he had spent years risking his life in war zones. I know many who have as well, and know what she speaks of. Since Ms.Pisani states that she has “little time for ueber-correctness,” why pussyfoot around by paraphrasing what Mr.Fox said. I am prepared to be shocked — or not — by his actual words. And what is the point of digressing into talk about how women like to wear their fur. Is she trying shock-therapy readers to show that, oh gosh, here she is talking about, oh no, PUBES, and it’s OK. Yes, it’s totally fine, but it does not, ultimately, help in the defense of David Fox.

  13. Comment by elizabeth, 02/05/11, 12:34:

    Selma, I don’t know the exact words David used; there was no public disciplinary procedure so the exact phrase has not been made public, and I have not asked him to give me the word order. Here’s what I know: A mate of his commented that David would be dead before he knew he was exposed to radiation, since one of principal signs is that your hair falls out. David, who has been bald since his mid 20s, replied along these lines: “Ah well, at least it will save all the cute women in Tokyo money on their Brazilans” (the waxing of their public hair). So as you say, oh,gosh, there he was talking about, oh no, PUBES. As you say, it’s OK, it’s totally fine, if you’re making the comment in private to an old friend and drinking buddy who is making fun of you. It’s obviously less OK if you are making it in public at a time when people’s sensitivities are quite rightly heightened by the immensity of the tragedy they are suffering. David believed he was in the former situation. The instant he recognised his mistake – posting to an internal chat room rather than a two-person private chat window — he tried to remedy it. And he apologised, repeatedly, profusely and without any prompting.

    I’m sorry I can’t be more specific. I would urge you to contact Tom Glocer, the CEO of Thompson Reuters, and find out just how appalling the wording of the comment was. It must have been a pretty grim take on pubic hair to merit being fired. I tried myself to comment on his blog post about brave Reuters staffers in Japan (http://tomglocer.com/blogs/sample_weblog/archive/2011/03/30/2608.aspx) but my comment was disallowed by moderators).

  14. Comment by Unspun, 02/05/11, 01:48:

    :47:42 AM Asia_top_story_2 Andrew Marshall thomsonreuters.com:
    So how is the radiation situation mate? Has your hair been falling out?

    2:50:16 AM Asia_top_story_2 David Fox thomsonreuters.com:
    Lets hope it affects all those cute jap girls who do have a strange tendency to grow their pubes …

  15. Comment by Lee Rudolph, 02/05/11, 11:23:

    elizabeth makes the Freudian typo so many dread to make–“the waxing of their public hair”–and, _mirabile dictu_, the context is such that it’s entirely apposite.

    Unspun, assuming your quotation is accurate, would the “strange tendency” part be a passing comment on the (I believe still in effect) legal ban on depicting pubic hair in Japanese graphic art?
    I don’t imagine (well, actually, I do, but I don’t *believe*) it would be a reference to John Ruskin’s reported shock, on his wedding night, at finding his wife’s _mons veneris_ quite unexpectedly unlike those of the statues of antiquity, hair-wise.

    Since Selma Kalousek Fisher has already introduced the word “pussyfooting”, let me be the first to say that Thompson Reuters
    has been pusillanimous, and that *they* should be apologizing, repeatedly and profusely.

  16. Comment by Rod, 09/05/11, 11:46:

    Disgusting news and David Fox deserves far better treatment.

    I’m sorry to say this summary dismissal shows Thomson Reuters management for what they really are “fat cat pc correct liboturds”.

    I sincerely wish David the very best with his future career and TR have lost an extremely talented member of their staff.

    I hope Tom Glocer diagrees with David’s dismissal because if he doesn’t the board should look long and hard Thomson’s management and fire a few of them!

  17. Comment by kim, 28/05/11, 11:07:

    shame on Reuters again….

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