Sex and sports: it must be spring

Young bucks locking body parts in a battle for supremacy: it’s that time of year again. Six Nations rugby time, of course. But also the time that many species pull themselves out of their winter torpor and start looking to spread their DNA.

London’s Natural History Museum celebrates with an exhibition of a Sexual Nature. For those who can’t make it to Kensington, Isabella Rossellini has made little sex-pods available on line. Here’s her take on young bucks:

Rossellini also offers charming, two-minute insights into the sex lives of spiders, sea-horses, dolphins and others, courtesy of the Sundance Channel. If your interest in the sex lives of other species is piqued by these vignettes, I would urge you to go to the (unacknowledged) source: Olivia Judson’s Dr Tatiana’s Sex Guide to All Creation. Judson is an evolutionary biologist and sometime New York Times columnist who takes joy in the pleasures of creation, and who infects others with her enthusiasm for life. Give her more than two minutes: you’ll be richly rewarded.

This post was published on 17/02/11 in Good sex and bad, Videos.

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