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Silliness in the snow (with my trans father?) (29/12/10)

Seasonal silliness from my family. I’d like to claim to be the stylish one on the ski-bob, that odd bike thing with skis where the wheels should be, but I’m afraid that accolade goes to my father. He’s on the bike in the final video clip (I precede him on the sled). But for the […]

Christmas Wisdom (23/12/10)

Happy Christmas to everyone kind enough to read this blog, whatever your religion, thoughts about gift-giving, tolerance for sappy music etc. Extra thanks to people who’ve taken the time to post responses (including and perhaps especially critical responses) , or to write to me with comments and suggestions.

Of peer review and perfume: how to be sweetly rude (21/12/10)

Year-end tends to be quiet on the work front: the time all those neglected peer reviews float to the top of the To Do list. Like so many others, I review out of a sense of duty. That same sense of duty often obliges me to say horrid things about papers or grant proposals that […]

New York’s Brave New ad targets HIV complacency (13/12/10)

Clearly someone in the New York City health department believes that HIV sucks, even in a post-AIDS world. Here’s their brave new ad, targeted at the gay men among whom the majority of new infections in the city occur in this age of treatment. Pity about the Hollywood trailer soundtrack. Predictably, most of the comments […]

More gifts: Wisdom references and footnotes linked (11/12/10)

Okay, okay, I’m more than two years behind schedule. But we’ve finally managed to upload links to most of the papers, documents and visuals referenced in The Wisdom of Whores. You can find anything referenced in the Footnotes here (that’s the notes labeled with asterisks which appear at the bottom of pages in the text). […]

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