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Everything you need to know about science writing (29/09/10)

I don’t know whether to laugh or cry at this wonderful pastiche of science writing. For a slightly more “scientific” view, there’s a paper in PLoS Med investigating whether trained science journalists are worth their salaries. Question: is Martin Robbins’ piece all the training we need?

HIV: a right of passage for gay men? (24/09/10)

It’s taken two whole years, but US CDC has finally published data from the 2008 round of HIV and behavioural surveillance in gay men in 21 cities. Nearly one in five gay men is infected; in some cities (notably Baltimore) it is twice as high, at 38%. Reacting to the report, CDC’s HIV prevention director […]

Blood donation: rights and wrongs (12/09/10)

In the last few days, Canadian and American courts have ruled on gay rights. Somewhat unusually, activists are happy with the Yanks and cross with their northern neighbours. Even more unusually, I’m happy with both. The Canadian ruling is the more complex, because it has given us the right decision for the wrong reasons. A […]