UK Election special: Vote down the nanny state

contact your mp and have your say at sexlaws and mps

After I heard David Cameron promise to make policy that went with the grain of human nature, I suggested that Britain’s sex workers should vote Tory. I wasn’t joking, though I haven’t had that much luck convincing friends in the business. Now, though, George McCoy has given us a proper analysis of candidates’ position on sex work. Put in your post code for an at-a-glance view of who has voted which way, and who is promising what for (and against) people who sell sex.

As I said in my TED talk, we can use our votes to stop politicians doing stupid things that spread HIV. And violence against sex workers, for that matter.

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This post was published on 05/05/10 in The sex trade.

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  1. Comment by coyne, 05/05/10, 04:51:

    great title! thought you were fabulous, funny and direct on feast of fun. my question for you is “why don’t you go deep? find the source. investigate the tough question. where the fuck did this come from? the “research” community survives on grants and that is the most likely answer to why you won’t go there.

  2. Comment by elizabeth, 05/05/10, 06:54:

    Read my book, and then tell me where I won’t go!

  3. Comment by coyne, 14/05/10, 05:08:

    Fair enough Elizabeth. You’re right I haven’t read your book and was too quick on the draw. Please accept my apology. I just ordered your book. I’m just so tired of acadamia turning it’s back on the truth for fear they’ll lose funding. The case of HIV/AIDS is text book for some kind of nefarious plot.

  4. Comment by coyne, 14/05/10, 05:34:


    I’d love to send this book to you or if you’ve read it please comment.

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