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Troll of the Year Award: Am I a fungus or a Marxist? (28/05/10)

I have several loyal readers whose comments regularly make me laugh: this, for example. And I almost never refuse a comment unless it’s trying to sell a cure for AIDS or the commentator is too much of a pussy to give an e-mail address. But this one, from a fount of indignation calling Himself “Derrail”, […]

Own trumpet department: TED talk (19/05/10)

I’ve been taken to task for posting TED talks from the UK’s new Fearless Leader, and neglecting to post my own. Here it is, if you have 18 minutes to spare. If you’ve only got four minutes, I would also thoroughly recommend spending it with comedian Julia Sweeney, as she has the “sex talk” with […]

UK Election special: Vote down the nanny state (05/05/10)

After I heard David Cameron promise to make policy that went with the grain of human nature, I suggested that Britain’s sex workers should vote Tory. I wasn’t joking, though I haven’t had that much luck convincing friends in the business. Now, though, George McCoy has given us a proper analysis of candidates’ position on […]