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Happy hookers: come celebrate in Chicago (30/04/10)

It looks as though the effort to throw more sex workers and clients in jail in Illinois will fail, at least in this legislative session. What better way to celebrate than by coming to a party in Chicago on Saturday night. Wear your best gold thong, and be ready for 90’s hip-hop up the wazoo. […]

Bipolar Canada flip-flops on sex ed (29/04/10)

I’ve decided Canada is bipolar. In the couple of days that I was there this week, one province bottled and pulled the plug on a solid programme to educate school kids about sex and relationships that it had announced just days earlier. The government took contraception off the agenda at the G8, then said ok […]

Do Chicago sex workers need Swedish laws? (20/04/10)

I’m in Chicago for the month of April, just as the Illinois state Senate tries to increase the penalties for buying and selling sex. The bill (which passed the House unanimously last month) will make it a felony to buy sex, so that any vet, doctor, lawyer etc convicted of the crime will lose their […]

The “HIV’s a pain” theory of prevention: can it work? (05/04/10)

So gay guys go on having unprotected sex after they are diagnosed with HIV, a new descriptive study of gay poz guys at a clinic in Boston tells us. Nothing new there, although it’s sobering to be reminded that one in two of the men who know they have HIV choose to bareback with someone […]