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Women, brains and bravery: Daphne Park (25/03/10)

Since we’ve recently been on the topic of the female brain, I’d like to mark the passing of a very great one. Daphne Park, aka Baroness Park of Monmouth, once a controler of the uber spy agency MI6, governor of the BBC and principal of an Oxford college, died yesterday. With her died an era […]

My TED favourite: the morality of science (24/03/10)

I was lucky enough to go to the TED conference in California last month. Many of the better talks are already on line. My own favourite was Sam Harris on the subject of science and morality. I may have liked it because it was squeezed in that stomach-churning moment between my breakfast with local cops […]

Tired of feminism; saved by fruit flies (22/03/10)

Last Friday, I went to a deeply depressing “is feminism dead” type discussion. The normally male bastion of Prospect Magazine rang with the sound of high heels, and… Oh, wait, most of the people there were feminists. Scratch the high heels, then. Yes, yes, I’m playing to completely unjustified sterotypes. Except that they are not […]

Swedes make sex boring, even in Brazil (19/03/10)

Another thumbs down for the Swedish model. Not the leggy blonde, not even Sweden’s moralistic approach to the sex trade. This one is the Swedish research model, which has managed to turn the fascinating subject of on-line rating of hookers by Brazilian punters into something indescribably dull. Actually, that may not be fair. I think […]

Two to tango: graffiti protect against HIV (03/03/10)

The test-and-treat debate has been getting a bit hot and heavy of late. I think we all deserve some light relief. I offer this: Thanks to Txema, who is always ready to make a girl smile.