Getting your Dx in a twist

Remember the fabulous singing Nobel prize winner? Now PCR ads are getting sexy again. Though I do have to wonder how may pints the founders of TwistDx had had when they registered their company name. Try saying it out loud even before a pint…


Thanks to Seif, who has yet to take me shoe shopping…

This post was published on 04/02/10 in Science.

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  1. Comment by Matt, 10/02/10, 12:59:

    It’s not PCR, it’s a whole new ball game!! Recombinase polymerase amplification is going to be a game changer – no more thermal cycling, just a little body heat is all you need. Join the Revolution! ;o)

  2. Comment by Matt, 10/02/10, 10:15:

    PS Given that this is an HIV blog, poster 7 from this may be of interest:

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