Should I go for a drink with this man?

The Wisdom of Whores: Paperback (Granta)

The Guardian on Saturday ran a review of The Wisdom of Whores, which is newly out in paperback in the UK. In it, Nicholas Lezard suggests I sound like a fun person to go for a drink with. By conincidence, I spent the weekend with someone who was at university with Nick. He was, aparently, nicknamed The Mole by those who had a grudging admiration for his almost entirely nocturnal existance.

That may rather explain both why he enjoyed the book and why he thinks I might be up for a drink. For a book that pretends to be about epidemiology and public health policy, an awful lot of the activity in The Wisdom of Whores takes place with a beer after midnight.

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  1. Comment by Roger, 05/07/09, 06:07:

    What I found more whorying is the Daily Telegraph quote on the front! That’s really “gripping”!

  2. Comment by Diamond Dolly, 07/07/09, 10:02:

    Fun to go for a drink with? Sounds like someone is looking for a cheap blowjob.

  3. Comment by Candy, 07/07/09, 07:10:

    don’t know why but i like the new book jacket …

  4. Comment by Lee Rudolph, 12/07/09, 04:56:

    “Sounds like someone is looking for a cheap blowjob.”

    Oh, surely it’s much more likely that he’s a White Slaver, equipped with Mickey Finns and all the other evil tools of his trade?

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