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In belated recognition of May Day, I give you these sensible words from sex workers in India, courtesy of my once-long-ago employers, Reuters. Funnily enough, one of the very first stories I ever wrote for Reuters was about sex workers in a time of economic meltdown. It was also the first to draw a response from a subscriber. A German newspaper editor commented: “Asking a woman to write about the pleasures of Hong Kong’s nightclubs is like asking a man to write about childbirth”. Hmmm….

This post was published on 08/05/09 in The sex trade, Videos.

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  1. Comment by Andre Bezerra, 11/05/09, 04:47:

    Dear Elisabeth Pisani, I follow your blog and apreciatte your points of view. Speaking of media coverage, I have a curiosity about how you feel about the Swine Flu coverage.
    André B.

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