Easter Greetings to the Vatican

When the New Statesman New Scientist asked me for my idea of God, I described God as a ventriloquist’s dummy, worked by puppeteers in the religious bureaucracies. But in this video Canadian director Patrick Boivin delightfully makes puppets of the puppeteers also:

Thanks to Paul Canning for pointing me to Patrick’s work. Readers might want to check out Paul’s comments on Iraq’s hideous treatment of gay men, and Britain’s spineless reaction.

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This post was published on 10/04/09 in Condomania, Ideology and HIV.

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  1. Comment by Jacob Wintersmith, 10/04/09, 04:01:

    I believe you meant the New Statesman, not the New Scientist.

  2. Comment by elizabeth, 10/04/09, 04:27:

    Oooops. Thanks. That’s what comes from posting when you’ve just crawled off a 12 hour flight…

  3. Comment by kevin, 10/04/09, 08:53:


  4. Comment by paul canning, 11/04/09, 12:53:

    glad you liked it.

    thanks for the direction to the IraqiLGBT story – it needs to get out there

  5. Comment by mariana, 11/04/09, 09:11:

    Something I found that I think it will make you a little happier (I love what you do):

    Jesus died so that I
    could have a blissful
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    work each year

    This thought is almost
    enough to turn me into
    a good god-fearing


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