Of NEJM, “required reading” and brotherly love

I’ve just tipped off an 11 hour flight to find the paragraphs below posted on my behalf by my friend, advisor and brother, Mark. I spent the flight preparing for a training about scientific publication; I’ve been making a song and dance in my lectures about both plagiarism (bad) and disclosure (good). And I mulled for a while what examples to use to illustrate the importance of blowing one’s own trumpet without appearing to do so. So I was amused to find an object lesson in all three on my blog, under the original heading “The New England Journal of Medicine says “required reading”. I have a great deal to thank Mark for; I’ll add this to the list. Here’s his post:

Another nicely nuanced review is in: The New England Journal Of Medicine says that “The Wisdom of Whores” is:   “…required reading for anyone who works on HIV and AIDS or in the broad field of global public health…”      and      “…Pisani reminds her readers that the real work of fighting the epidemic is done in these highly specific trenches of sex and drug use. It is a take-home message that is worth remembering.”
Read the full text of the New England Journal of Medicine review here (.pdf). The review is by Richard G. Parker, Ph.D. (Columbia University Mailman School of Public Health, New York), and appears in the March 26, 2009 issue of the NEJM. (Disclosure: Mark posted this for Elizabeth while she was traveling)

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  1. Comment by Lateef, 27/03/09, 09:09:

    There is no doubt that reading your book is essential reading – an instant classic, and point-of-reference…thanks for making a difference.

  2. Comment by Brian, 28/03/09, 01:26:

    I just finished reading it, and I concur. Thanks for writing it. I hope that the planet Earth looks more and more like the one you’ve described in the years to come.

  3. Comment by NE1, 28/03/09, 07:55:

    Just ordered it. Looking forward to it!

  4. Comment by Rupert Gude, 30/03/09, 08:21:

    At least it was better than the rather luke warm rsponse from the British Medical Journal.
    As a doc working in a treatment and care centre in tanzania your book made for compulsive reading and I am sure a lot of what you say is appicable to Africa toom

  5. Comment by Amita, 09/04/09, 04:48:

    I have read it once and will read it again before sharing it with the people who have lined up waiting for me to lend them the book, all of them active in HIV in Mauritius. Indispensable reading for anyone involved in the struggle.WoW!

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