The Wisdom of ART

I’ve always been a big believer in the overlap between art and science. We’re seeing more of it these days — the idea of testing whole populations for HIV and sticking everyone who is infected on antiretrovirals as a way of putting a stop to the HIV epidemic has been dubbed Pop-ART, for example. I’m sceptical about the idea, the more so after combing carefully through some of the results presented at CROI earlier in the month (all helpfully available online), but I can see the Warhol-style posters promoting testing and treatment.

So I was especially delighted when Dag Brück sent me this wonderful piece of Word Art. Dag put “The Wisdom of Whores” into Wordle, and here’s the result:

Wisdom World Art: Click for larger version

Wisdom World Art: Click for larger version

I love the random “headline”: happy health risk. Better yet, within the giant ARV component, creep the two little words: big caveat. It took me 8,000 sciency words to say this in a paper I sunmitted last week. Art does it in three.

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  1. Comment by Roger, 26/02/09, 03:43:

    For one I’ll use that for PopART! Though you could have seen mine on my blog!

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