Fun things to do with your wabber — swaffelen

One of the joys of 2008 was the revival of swaffelen, an old English verb that describes swinging your wabber (another fine word; penis, to the uninitiated) in the open air and bumping it against something. Such as the Taj Mahal.

The Dutch voted it word of the year. I thank Maarten Kok for bringing it to my attention. Really.

Talking of pricks, this from the Pope’s New Year address:

“It also happens that countries afflicted by some of these pandemics find themselves held hostage, when they try to address them, by those who make economic aid conditional upon the implementation of anti-life policies. It is especially hard to combat AIDS, a major cause of poverty, unless the moral issues connected with the spread of the virus are also addressed. First and foremost, educational campaigns are needed, aimed especially at the young, to promote a sexual ethic that fully corresponds to the dignity of the person; initiatives of this kind have already borne important fruits, causing a reduction in the spread of AIDS.”

Anti-life policies, eh? Such as opposing the use of condoms that would prevent a fatal, sexually transmitted infection?

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This post was published on 04/01/09 in Videos.

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  1. Comment by secondlastwish, 04/01/09, 08:27:

    What is the pope talking about?! Hasn’t aid from the US been tied to abstinence only/less condom policies for nearly the entire duration of the Bush presidency? I’m perplexed about which programs are being “held hostage”.

    Someone needs to swaffelen the pope upside the head.

  2. Comment by Tim, 18/01/09, 04:53:

    Ha ha. You gave me a Sunday am giggle – I think I’ll suggest swaffelen is added to the revised WHO style manual.

    Now then, I am off out to bump my dick against the nearest solid object I can find. I think the tree outside my door will be a good start. Pics to follow.

    (I know I’m late, as usual…. happy new year to E).

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