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So women in Uganda are smearing chloroform on their chests, making men in bars swoon. When they wake up, they find themselves naked and penniless.
So reports AFP, in a story predictably but nonetheless delightfully headlined “Ugandan men warned of ‘booby trap'”. My question is, how close does a random punter in a bar have to get to a woman’s breasts to knock himself out? And how is it that she is left standing? Something in this story smells not quite right…

Thanks to gleefully rediscovered jeff Ballinger for the pointer.

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  1. Comment by Scarlett Lion, 04/12/08, 09:21:

    The Ugandan police chief gives a press conference once a week. He says a lot of silly and useless things, and lists a bunch of crimes committed over the past weeks. Reports get very bored, especially the local journalists who have to cover this pressers every week. Occasionally they say something absolutely ridiculous like this, or they go on about how marijuana makes people murders, and local papers write stories accordingly. AFP must have had a slow day, and picked up this line from a local paper, from a local press conference. And by “must have,” I really mean, “did.” Because that’s what happened here, rather than this even being news worthy or a statistically significant trend.

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