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An experiment in technology. I happened to be chatting the othernight at the Frontline Club in Paddington. For those who are in London and don’t know it, check it out. A great hang-out for hacks, former hacks and those who just like telling stories, it also gives good restaurant.

Graham Holliday, who writes the Frontline blog, has encouraged me to embed a feed of the discussions (from 19.30 GMT). Here’s the attempt. I’m in discussion with Yusef Azad of the National AIDS Trust. He’s a policy wonk, which is a compliment, and also decidedly gorgeous.

At the end, you get to vote on book covers…

This post was published on 25/11/08 in Videos.

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  1. Comment by Graham, 25/11/08, 06:29:

    Your experiment in technology appears to have worked… Just hope the live feed does too 🙂 Have a good night tonight.

  2. Comment by Donald Baxter, 25/11/08, 10:04:

    I vote yellow. That was great, Elizabeth–thanks for making this available. Any chance it was captured for reviewing?

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