Getting chlamydia in Denmark is fun

Actually, getting chlamydia is fun just about everywhere, though it becomes a lot less fun when you’ve got it, obviously. But it takes those crazy Danes to make condom ads that remind us of that. In honour of my first visit to Copenhagen, here’s one of the ads (click for wmv video file).

Translation: “Yeah, getting Chlamydia is a lot of fun, buuut it’s not that much fun after you’ve got it. Chlamydia can make your urine feel like bits of glass and make girls sterile. Right now, one in 10 adolescents is infected, and most don’t know it. So get tested – avoid Chlamydia, use a condom.”

I’d like to thank Mette Eriksen for the translation. Mette’s a Danish student who came to a talk I gave at the Harvard School of Public Health last week, where I felt compelled to remind a room full of very smart people that sex was fun. Sometimes, we forget. In the US, we seem to forget more often than in Europe. Is it possible that students at Harvard forget more often than students elsewhere?

This post was published on 10/11/08 in Science.

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