Of rescues and rape

Still on the theme of rescue, hear it from Cambodian sex workers themselves:

If one were looking for an unexpected ray of light in this dreary tale it would be in the testimony from the sex worker who was raped by six policeman. Nothing light about that, obviously. But the fact that she was able to persuade five of the six unwanted men to use condoms is surely evidence of how thoroughly an earlier, more pragmatic approach to HIV prevention in commercial sex has changed norms in Cambodia. It makes it all the more depressing that these “rescue the sex workers” policies continue despite being so demonstrably wrong-headed.

This is a trailer for a longer documentary, which you can find, with others on the same theme, at the Sex Workers Present channel on Blip TV. Thanks to Andrew Hunter of APNSW.

This post was published on 19/09/08 in The sex trade.

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