Dumping on Glasgow’s sex trade (and just dumping)

I suppose I ought to write an outraged post about Glasgow’s daft decision to try to wipe out prostitution. Not least because other countries such as New Zealand that have decriminalised prostitution have found that conditions for many sex workers are improving, with no increase in the sex trade. On top of that, no HIV was found (pdf) among over 340 sex workers at sexual health services in New Zealand.

There are examples closer to home, too. Scotland’s own capital, Edinburgh, has been doing well at controlling HIV among sex workers by providing services to women working in saunas (though some health service bosses are reported to think they can stop paying for these services because there are so few working women are getting infected with HIV. Soon, they’ll stop funding clean water sources because there’s so little cholera these days…) So yes, I should write a long, cross post about Glasgow.

But instead I’m going to post a wildly off-topic (but still dump-related) recording (mp3) from a call centre. If this doesn’t make you laugh, read another blog…

Thanks to Peter Saxton for the New Zealand data and the stunning Cerissa Nyen for the laughs.

This post was published on 27/08/08 in Science.

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