A fine, upstanding police officer

Texas, the state that put an HIV positive man in jail for spitting in a cop’s eye, is not always so quick to defend the boys in blue. Beaumont cop Keith Breiner has been fired, even though, according to his lawyer, his strongest suit is “supervisory compliance”. Doing what he’s told. What he was told to do, in this case, was to buy blow jobs from working girls.

Breiner’s wife gave him permission to follow orders, according to The Examiner. The job was part of an effort to bust a prostitution ring, and Tracy Breiner believed that her husband’s peccadillo might help rid society of a far larger evil. (No comment.) His bosses got cold feet about the sting, and now say he was acting on his own. They suspended him. Mr. Briener, understandably under the circumstances, would like to get on with his job, and is suing the police department.

Meanwhile, two girls lost their jobs, too. The pimps behind the alleged ring of sin were untouched.

“Same old story — the guys get off and the women go down,” Breiner’s attorney told the Houston Press. Though not necessarily in that order…

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This post was published on 16/08/08 in The sex trade.

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