Sex workers rock Mexico

For 26 million dollars, you’d expect a good party. The AIDS conference in Mexico didn’t deliver much in the way of new science, but on the party front, it did just fine. It did serve to push some neglected issues up the agenda; the right of women, men and transgenders to sell sex safely was discussed in a plenary session for the first time. Read more about Argentinian sex worker Elena Reyanga’s speech over at Bound Not Gagged.

The sign of a good party is of course that you make new friends as well as running in to old ones. I was especially glad to put a (predictably gorgeous) face to Susan Lopez from the Desiree Alliance; we’d know each other only as disembodied radio voices over on XXBN.

This post was published on 09/08/08 in The sex trade.

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  1. Comment by Roger, 10/08/08, 08:04:

    Do you already see the hordes of consultants roaming the streets of Bangkok, Manilla and Delhi counting MSM up to the latest for a fat fee? It has been done already but I read in some book that it is common to repeat the exercise… (I think the book was called the Wisdom of something…). Then will come the toolkit for better counting, the reports and the conference, the interagencies meetings, and then the training manuals, the outreach manuals, the peer educator manual -with CD! But participants will get the T-shirt!

    Prepare for the Gold Rush!

    Cynical, moi? Jamais!

    (Jim, ignore my sarcasm 😉 Hope to make the next MMCI call and hear your voice!)

  2. Comment by Susan, 19/08/08, 09:50:

    It was great to finally meet you! I only wish we’d gotten the chance to connect again before the conference was over. I never did figure out how to text you from my US cellphone in Mexico City (although somebody somewhere got them, I’m sure. lol).

    I look forward to digging into your book!

    xoxo Susan

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