The Mexico AIDS Jamboree: new contact number

Is nearly upon us. I’ll be there from August 2 – 6th. See the Events page for sessions I’ll definitely be showing up for. If anyone wants to slope off for a gossip over a coffee or a cold beer, please call or text me on my Mexican cell, which is +52 1 5519042179 or from a land line in Mexico 044 5519042179. While there will doubtless be lots of interest to report (which movie stars show up, what the singing orphans are wearing this year , etc), posting may be erratic.

Forgive me. I haven’t even had time to register that PEPFAR has been authorised, (hurrah, but…), and that (much louder hurrah!) black leaders in the US are raising their voices about the need for better HIV prevention at home. (pdf report from the Black AIDS Institute). This is a massively important leap in the right direction; more after a more careful reading of the report.

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  1. Comment by Noelle, 04/08/08, 04:53:

    Just a quick note to say thank you for your wonderful book “the Wisdom of whores…”Just bought it on Amazon and I have written to friends working (and interested) in the HIV prevention in Jamaica, recommending it as a MUST read. I look forward to reading more on your blog.

  2. Comment by Rodrigo, 05/08/08, 06:21:


    I am in for the coffee or the beer, I live in south Mexico City and very interested in the topics of the Mexico AIDS conference.

    I will text you through your cell.


  3. Comment by Jim Pickett, 07/08/08, 01:43:

    Too damn bad they gay black gay men such short shrift. Sad, and shameful. It is gay black men who are hit hardest in the US epidemic, and BAI seems intent on burying that info…

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