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Only in New York. (29/08/08)

The New York Observer has crowned Jamie Clayton the second most beautiful woman in New York. (It doesn’t tell us who the most beautiful woman is.) The always engaging Broadsheet deems this a triumph for transgenders, since Jamie was born a boy. Quite understandably, Jamie relates her “education sentimenale” to her past with a penis. […]

Dumping on Glasgow’s sex trade (and just dumping) (27/08/08)

I suppose I ought to write an outraged post about Glasgow’s daft decision to try to wipe out prostitution. Not least because other countries such as New Zealand that have decriminalised prostitution have found that conditions for many sex workers are improving, with no increase in the sex trade. On top of that, no HIV […]

Should we dump on negative advertising? (26/08/08)

As competition to treat people for HIV has hotted up, pharmaceutical companies have started dumping on one another. Using innuendo and not-quite-stated factoids, they are beginning to imply that the rival camp has something to hide (something they’ve no doubt learned from political campaigns). Those other drugs are toxic, discolouring, inconvenient. Activist groups and HIV […]

Lost in translation: H. I. V. (25/08/08)

From Heather, at A Minha Vida, I learned of an interesting compilation of HIV-related slang (originally from PlusNews). As they observe, the euphemisms we choose to say the unsayable often tell us quite a bit about our own cultures. In Angola, for example, getting HIV is like “pisar na min” –stepping on a landmine. But […]

Size matters (24/08/08)

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