Thongs of Praise: Knickers to abstinence

The Daily Christian proposes that you Earn Your Right to Wear White. You can do it for just US$ 8.99. This next-to-nothing knickers are sure to ward off over-enthusiastic boyfriends with their trenchant message:

The Daily Christian brings you: the abstinence thong

I’m wondering whether the Daily Christian’s aestehtics might achieve what their messages don’t. They suggest you “Size up for a looser fit”. Baggy thongs, eh? I’m thinking that the girls who take that advice might just be among the 27% or so of US virginity pledgers (pdf) who haven’t allowed hormones to get the better of good intentions by the time they leave high school.

Thanks to Salon’s Broadsheet for this one.

This post was published on 30/07/08 in Ideology and HIV.

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